Always Time For Tea

Always Time For Tea

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Its a crazy day

This has been a crazy day. I'm still working on my tazes. I do have a couple of new pieces to put on my etsy store. trying to get some Christmas things and up. There are so many new things coming for jewelry that I can't keep up. IS there a style that you like best? I love the vintage victorian style.
Well the reason things are crazy today. mMy husbands dad feell and broke his hip. Jim is just starting walkwith his cast off. SO he left work and went over there. Keep him in your prayers. His name is Bob and he doesn't like hospitals to much. Thats all for now. There was no big event today just the same thing. Wow that sounds so sad. I'm not sad just crazy. OKay good noght everyone.!

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