Always Time For Tea

Always Time For Tea

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wow everything changed

Well I was gone for awhile and everything  changed. We are coming up on the Christmas season and things are crazy. I am doing one more boutique this year then I'll focus on my blog and Etsy store. 
We just bought a house in Manteca and we are very excited. We will be moving in a couple of months. I have already started packing up my beading studio. It will take me at least that long! I hope everyone is doing well. Thoughts and prayers are going out to  my friends on the East Coast. I'm leaving some pictures of my new pieces. After Nov 17th I am having a huge sale in my etsy store so look for that to come. 
Right now there are only 7 pieces on there so definatly keep your eyes open for big price cuts. ! Thank you, 

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