Always Time For Tea

Always Time For Tea

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Friday, August 13, 2010

The stress has hit!

Good morning friends. I'm trying to get my jewelry on line and get ready for a November show. Seems like things are getting in the way or at least slowing me down. My dad got sick unexpectently and was in theh hospital a couple of times. I didn't get a lot while that was happening but I did do a little work while we were waiting for hime in surgery. I made a squirrel necklace. Howdoes that sound? I know not to many people like squirrels but it actually turned out cute. So my hubby is still hooleing around and my dad needs checking on. Since I don't have a car my sister has to do most of the running around.I'm sure it's hard on her also. My fibro has been very pianful along with everything else. So today I'm going to get some rest! (LOL)
So I'm working on Christmas earings mostly. You can check my etsy store becasue I will be putting things there. So enjoy your weekend and hope and pray I can get something accomplished this weekend!
Well I am watching Noelles and Jarretts dog so thats kinda hard when JIm isn't here. We have fallen in love with her and I don't think we'll want to give her back. Just kidding Noelle. Nap time! I'll be back later,,,,,Lisa

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